About the creator of the course
Jaishika Ratanpal
Creator of the Course

Jaishika is a textile designer from VJTI, Mumbai. She is an educator with 16 plus years of experience in teaching various textile related subjects in different fashion colleges. She has taught more than 1000 students across the city. She teaches subjects like textile designing, fibre science, weaving, knitting, embroidery, macramé, texturing and surface ornamentation, Indian textiles and costumes and world textiles and costumes. She specializes in tie and dye and Shibori techniques and is passionate about natural dyes.

She has conducted many online and offline workshops related to tie and dye, Shibori, fabric painting, macramé etc. She curated this course so people can understand the importance of natural dyes in our culture. India was known throughout the world for producing beautiful colours on fabrics since the ancient times. With this course the student will start appreciating the possibilities of colour from natural dyes. People will be made aware about the ill effects of synthetic dyes, and they will also learn 6 beautiful methods of doing tie and dye. After these courses many people start admiring and valuing and hand made products. Many of her students have opened up their own brands and businesses. You can see her work on instagram.