Fabric Science
Is identifying fabrics very difficult for you? Are you getting confused with the wide variety of fabrics available in the market? This course will help you build confidence in identifying fabrics. Even if you are a not a textiles person, within short span of time you will become an expert in identifying fabrics.
You will be able to name the fabrics and decide which fabric is to be used for which type of design. It will generally help you choose the correct fabric for a particular end use. You will be able to distinguish between fabrics and will also understand their basic properties.
It will help you in gaining better knowledge and understanding of fabrics. After doing this course you will be able to expand your fabric business or become a better and confident fashion designer.

Rs 4500/- offer price Rs 4000/- for 10 days course.
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• Brief history about Indian textiles
• Basic knowledge about natural and man-made fabrics
• Knowing the general properties of fibres
• Understanding of different classes of Fabrics
• Learning the various fabric construction methods
• The factors affecting the texture and making of a fabric
• Practical learning by observing burn test of fabrics
• Burn test chart
• Looking at the various grades of fabrics
• Identifying the most popular fabrics
• Swatch list
• Videos to help you understand the fabrics and yarns used in making
• Two online sessions for testing and identification

The course helps:-
Textile students
Fashion designers
Interior designers
Fabric traders
Anybody who is interested in textiles

Its working
• Within 3 hours of registration, you will get an email with all the details.
• You can view the content at your convenience any time.
• There will be a live session for question and answers on:- googlemeet.
• You will get life time access to the study material
• Pdfs, demo videos, burn test chart and notes with detailed information will be shared.

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