Advanced Tie and Dye Methods
This is an online course for people who wish to learn advanced tie and dye techniques with natural dyes available in the kitchen. In this course 18 types of tie and dye methods will be taught. The knowledge will help you create garments, upholstery, accessories, gifts, etc.

Learning to make your own dyes can be real fun and exciting. With ingredients like pomegranate, onion peels and flowers you can dye fabrics and appreciate the nature for its bounties.

These colours are available easily and are chemical free, eco-friendly, skin friendly, inexpensive, zero waste and sometimes have medicinal properties.

Rs 3500/- offer price Rs 3000/- for 7 days course.
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• Importance of natural dyes • How synthetic dyes harm the environment and indirectly the humans • Fabrics which can be used for natural dyeing • Recipes to make dyes from pomegranate, onion skeins and flowers • Mordants and modifiers used • Chemistry of colours to create various shades of colour from one dye • History of tie and dye • 18 advanced techniques of tie and dye • Pre and post treatment with natural dyes to make them long lasting • Taking care of naturally dyed fabrics • Popular and long lasting dye sources

The knowledge can be used to create or upcycle furnishing fabrics like cushion covers, bedsheets at home, DIY projects, other textiles, apparels, accessories like face masks, scarves, sarees and duppattas!

The course helps:-
Art lovers, artists
Sustainability enthusiasts
Fashion Designers
Aspiring fashion and textile designing students
Interior designing students
Crafters, makers
Anyone who wants to learn and explore something new

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• Within 3 hours of registration, you will get an email with all the details.
• You can view the content at your convenience any time.
• There will be a live session for question and answers on:- googlemeet.
• You will get life time access to the study material
• Pdfs, demo videos and notes with detailed instructions will be shared.

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